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Power steering pump
Part # 21-5341 | Line Code: AOC

Not Fitted / Universal
Core Charge: $57.00

Product Details
Type Hydraulic
Inlet Quantity 1
Outlet Quantity 1
Pulley Attachment Type Bolt-On
Outlet Attachment Type Bolt-On
Filter Included No
Inlet Attachment Type Barb
Shaft Type Splined
Inlet Diameter 0.636
Pulley Belt Type Serpentine
Prop 65 NO
Pulley Attachement Type Bolt-on
Power Steering Pump Outlet Attachment Type Bolt-on
SDS Required No
E-Waste No
Power Steering Pump Outlet Quantity 1
Power Steering Reservoir Cap Included No
Hose Port Type O-Ring
Remote Reservoir Yes
FAQs The problem is not in the pump, it is in the steering gear. The pump would cause a steering problem in both directions.
First Application Year 2003
Power Steering Pump Inlet Attachement Type Pipe
Housing Material Aluminum
Package Contents Hydraulic Pump; Instruction Sheet; Sealing Kit
Power Steering Outlet ID Size 0.705
Mounting Hardware Included No
Pulley Included No
Reservoir Included No
Product Condition Remanufactured
Is or contains a battery? No
Is or contains a bulb? No
Contains Electronic Components? No
Is the item CARB affected? No
Is item a chemical? No
FAA_A4 There may be debris in the flow control valve bore not allowing the flow control valve to move as it should. (Valve and bore are located behind the high pressure fitting on the pump). The system must be checked for contamination and flushed.
FAA_A2 The problem is most likely in the steering unit-the pump does not know left from right. Check for binding steering components and repair as necessary.
FAA_A3 The pulley may have cracked upon removal. If the shaft was mushroomed before removing the pulley, it has now enlarged the bore in the pulley. The pulley must be replaced.
FAQ_Q2 Why do I still have hard steering in one direction after I replaced the pump?
FAA_A5 Yes. Some O.E. manufacturers recommend that power steering fluid be changed at 50,000 miles and continue at that interval. Just like engine oil, power steering fluid will eventually break down and carry suspended contaminants from component wear and breakdown. Follow your vehicle's O.E. manufacturer's recommendations on fluid change intervals.
FAQ_Q3 I bought a replacement power steering pump and my original pulley has a loose fit on the replacement pump shaft. What should I do?
FAQ_Q4 I only have assist when increasing engine rpm after installing the replacement pump. What's causing this?
FAQ_Q1 Why is the pump making a whining noise all of the time?
FAQ_Q5 Should I ever change my fluid, even though nothing is wrong?
FAA_A1 A whining pump is usually caused by air in the power steering system. Inspect the reservoir for proper fluid level. If fluid has foam or air bubbles present, air has entered the system or has not been properly bled (ensure all hoses/clamps are tight). Some systems require special vacuum bleeding procedures.
Part Terminology Power Steering Pump

Features & Benefits
CARDONE Remanufactured Power Steering Pumps are engineered to meet or exceed O.E. performance. Original designs are scrutinized for potential improvement, and where applicable, design upgrades are implemented to produce a more durable part than the original. All critical components are tested to ensure proper function. Every unit undergoes a hydraulic efficiency test to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance.

Application Summary

Honda Accord 2005-03
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