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Suspension Parts

Suspension control arm bumper
Part # K3180 | Line Code: MOG

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
Part Terminology Suspension Control Arm Bumper

Features & Benefits
By constantly introducing design enhancements that extend product life and simplify installation and replacement, MOOG has earned its reputation as the chassis industry's Problem Solver.

Application Summary

1968-1972 Dodge Charger (Front Lower); 1968-1972 Dodge Coronet (Front Lower); 1965-1976 Dodge Dart (Front Lower); 1965-1974 Plymouth Barracuda (Front Lower); 1968-1970 Plymouth Belvedere (Front Lower); 1970-1974 Plymouth Cuda (Front Lower); 1968-1971 Plymouth GTX (Front Lower); 1968-1972 Plymouth Satellite (Front Lower); 1970 Plymouth Superbird (Front Lower); 1970-1976 Plymouth Duster (Front Lower); 1968-1972 Plymouth Road Runner (Front Lower); 1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp (Front Lower); 1965-1976 Plymouth Valiant (Front Lower); 1970-1971 American Motors Ambassador (Front Lower) (Liter: 3.8, 4.2); 1979-1983 American Motors Spirit (Front Lower) (Liter: 4.2, 3.8, 5.0); 1970-1974 American Motors Javelin (Front Lower) (Liter: 3.8, 4.2); 1970 American Motors Rebel (Front Lower) (Liter: 3.8); 1978-1980 American Motors AMX (Front Lower) (Liter: 4.2); 1978-1983 American Motors Concord (Front Lower) (Liter: 4.2, 3.8, 5.0); 1980-1988 American Motors Eagle Base DL SX4 Limited SX4 DL Kammback Kammback (Front Lower) (Liter: 4.2); 1970-1978 American Motors Gremlin (Front Lower) (Liter: 3.8, 4.2, 5.0); 1970-1977 American Motors Hornet (Front Lower) (Liter: 3.8, 3.3, 4.2); 1971-1978 American Motors Matador (Front Lower) (Liter: 4.2, 3.8)
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