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Spark Plugs

V-power spark plug
Part # 6945 | Line Code: NGK

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Hex Size 5/8"
Seat Type Tapered
Resistor Type Yes
Electrical Terminal Type Non-Removable
Thread Diameter 14.0
Ground Electrode Quantity 1
Ground Configuration Standard
Ground Electrode Tip Design Standard
Resistance 5000
Manufacturer Heat Range 4
Ground Electrode Core Material Nickel Core
Center Electrode Core Material Copper Core
Center Electrode Tip Material Nickel w/ V-groove
Insulator Height 55.00
Gap Size 0.060
Reach 0.46
Stock Number 6945
Part Number UR45
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
Part Terminology Spark Plug

Features & Benefits
NGK V-Power spark plugs offer reliable performance and improved ignitability over standard nickel plugs. Engineered specifically for OE applications, the special V-cut nickel alloy center electrode and concave ground electrode of NGK's V-Power spark plug increases ignitability providing quicker starts and smoother idle. For even greater performance consider upgrading to a NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug.

Application Summary

AMERICAN MOTORS 1983-80; BUICK 1987-75; CADILLAC 1982-80; CHECKER 1982-75; CHEV 1985-70; FORD 1996-75; GMC 1984-78; JEEP 1983-80; LINCOLN 1992-74; MERCURY 1993-74; OLDSMOBILE 1987-75; PONT 1987-75
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