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Front Brake Pads & Shoes Rotors & Drums

Severeduty semi-metallic disc brake pad set
Part # SX786A | Line Code: WAG

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Abutment Clips Included Yes
Friction Material Thickness Outer Pad 1.055
Pad FMSI Number 7655-D786
Friction Material Thickness Inner Pad 1.055
Friction Material Composition Semi-metallic
Pad Shims Included Yes
Slotted Yes
Pad Wear Sensor Included No
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
FMSI Number 7655-D786
Part Description Disc Brake Pad Set
Part Terminology Disc Brake Pad Set

Features & Benefits
Wagner® SD brake pads are specifically designed and tested to provide durable performance for fleets, police-pursuit and vehicles driven in demanding conditions such as frequent stopping, gear hauling and heavy loads.

Application Summary

2001-2007 Sterling Truck Acterra 5500 (Rear, Front); 2001-2007 Sterling Truck Acterra 6500 (Rear, Front); 2001-2007 Sterling Truck Acterra 7500 (Rear, Front); 2003-2008 Sterling Truck Acterra (Front); 1998-2002 Blue Bird Commercial Bus (Rear, Front); 1998-2004 Blue Bird TC2000 (Rear, Front); 1998-2000 Blue Bird TC1000 (Rear, Front); 1998-2007 Blue Bird All American FE (Front, Rear); 2003-2004 IC Corporation CE School Bus (Rear, Front); 2003-2008 IC Corporation CE Commercial (Rear, Front); 2005-2009 IC Corporation CE Integrated (Rear, Front); 2007-2009 IC Corporation HC Integrated Commercial (Rear, Front); 2008-2009 IC Corporation BE School Bus (Rear, Front); 2008 IC Corporation BE Commercial Bus (Rear, Front); 2001-2009 Workhorse Custom Chassis W22 (Rear); 2000-2005 Freightliner FL50 (Rear, Front); 2003-2009 Freightliner M2 106 (Rear, Front); 1999 Freightliner FS65 (Rear, Front); 2000-2004 Freightliner FL60 (Rear, Front); 2000-2004 Freightliner FL70 (Front, Rear); 2007 Freightliner Condor (Rear, Front); 2004-2007 Freightliner Business Class M2 (Front); 2003-2006 Freightliner M2 100 (Rear, Front); 2010-2013 Freightliner MB Line (Rear, Front); 2001-2012 Freightliner MC Line (Rear, Front); 2007-2011 Freightliner S2 (Rear, Front); 2013 Freightliner S2C (Rear, Front); 2011 Freightliner MCL (Rear, Front); 2004-2008 Ford F-650 (Rear, Front); 2004-2008 Ford F-750 (Rear, Front); 2008-2020 Ford F-53 Motorhome Chassis (Rear, Front); 2012-2016 Ford F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis (Front, Rear); 2000-2003 Kenworth K300 (Rear, Front); 2000-2008 Kenworth T300 (Front, Rear); 2008-2012 Kenworth T170 (Rear, Front); 2008-2012 Kenworth T270 (Rear, Front); 2008-2012 Kenworth T370 (Rear, Front); 2001-2003 Peterbilt 270 (Rear, Front); 2008-2010 Peterbilt 325 (Rear, Front); 2010-2012 Peterbilt 337 (Rear, Front); 2000-2014 Peterbilt 330 (Rear, Front); 2008-2010 Peterbilt 335 (Rear, Front); 2008-2011 Workhorse LF72 (Front, Rear); 2001-2007...
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